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With over 30 years combined experience in the financial sector specialising in mortgages and loans, NM Group started off with 1 financial services firm in 2007 at the start of the recession and has fought through and grown year after year and now has acquired 6 more companies, each successful in its own right, which all interlink with over 100 employees.


Our finance company lends over £200 million covering the UK with a network of financial advisers. From the success of our business model, we have acquired businesses from financial services firms and law firms helping us deliver the best service to our clients. We believe in nurturing young people and giving them opportunity to our industries.


Our aim is to expand our current portfolio and to acquire more profitable businesses. We are looking to invest more in assets to give ourselves a greater foundation. In 2017, our aim is to double our network of financial advisers and employees and our lending aim is to fulfil over a £1 Billion fund under management.

Our Group of Companies


Due to the success of NM Group we wanted to give back to the community. We use a new way to give charitably, as we give as we earn. We set goals at the start of the year for projects we want to support or start around the world. We upload videos to the website so you can see how we are getting along.

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NM Group’s goal is to provide your family with our services in all areas of their lives; in their business, home, and investments. We are here to grow with you and make us the one you can call to make your next move.

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